Gaye Collin
Coming from an Irish background, I started dancing at 6 and competed in Irish dancing until I was 19.  I then trained as a teacher & had my own dancing school for 20 years. I came to Scottish Country Dancing in my late teens, married a SCD teacher (Damon Collin) so always attended SCD social events for many years while still teaching Irish dancing, working part time, and bringing up a family.

I started training for my Scottish Country Dancing certificate while dancing at the Lower Hutt Club & became qualified in 2011 & have enjoyed the passion again for teaching at the club level, day, and weekend classes, a Summer School in NZ and have also taught in Australia. Teaching this wonderful form of dancing is stimulating for me as each level requires a different teaching strategy & therefore keeps your mind searching for a fresh approach to ensure your class is engaged & achieving.  I also love devising dances, which appeals to my creative side, and adds another dimension to this journey of teaching and dancing in this worldwide family of Scottish Country Dancing.

Yoshiki Oyama
Yoshiki started Scottish Country Dancing and Highland Dancing in Kyoto University in 1977.  In 1980 he attended Summer School at St Andrews for the first time, participating in the demonstration team.  Yoshiki became a qualified SCD teacher in 1988.  Since then he has participated in the Commonwealth highland dancing championships in Glasgow as a Japanese champion and been a member of the prizewinning Tokyo Bluebell team at an SCD competition in Edinburgh.  He has been involved in candidate training courses as a tutor many times and was appointed as an Examiner in 2018.

Yoshiki has published a book (in Japanese) called ‘Historical episode and background of Scottish Dancing’ and his dance ‘Triple Happiness’ was published in Book 52.  He taught an RSCDS online class in September 2020.

Nicole Trewavas

I began dancing at the age of 11. Both my parents danced and when my sisters and I were old enough, we were allowed to dance in the adult class.

As a junior member, I was lucky enough to be able to sit and achieve all the NZ JAM medal tests. This then led to me working towards my RSCDS Teaching Certificate, which I achieved at the Cambridge summer school 2013/2014. I am currently the tutor for the Manawatu Scottish Country Dance Club in Palmerston North and in 2016 begun a new class for children. I have attended many Summer Schools, day schools and weekend schools around the country as a dancer and I have also had the privilege of teaching at some of them as well.

When I am not teaching dancing I am teaching pre-schoolers at a local childcare centre in Palmerston North. When I’m not working or dancing, I enjoy practising my new hobby – learning to play the bagpipes!

Marney Wilson

I first started Scottish Country Dancing when I was doing nursing training in Glasgow, back in the 1970’s. It was exhilarating, and I loved the music and the dancing. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the faintest idea what I was supposed to be doing, and I didn’t follow it up at that stage.

Then I moved back to Australia and concentrated on my studies. Once I’d finished, I was casting around for something to balance my perspective on life and saw an ad for Scottish dancing classes at the WEA.

I started there, then moved on to classes in Newcastle. I eventually did my Teaching Certificate in 2012, and have been teaching at classes, day and weekend schools ever since.

Dancing has never ceased to be great fun and a joyous way to spend my time. I really enjoy seeing new dancers and helping them learn and enjoy dancing as much as I do.

John Brenchley

I was born in London and started dancing soon after I left school, initially joining the Orpington and District Caledonian Society and later the RSCDS London Branch.

In 1983 I attended summer school at St Andrews for two weeks to participate in the preliminary certificate class.  Whilst there, I met my future wife, Christine, who was visiting from Australia.

In 1989 we emigrated to Perth where I began to gain experience teaching a variety of classes before returning to St Andrews in 1991 to complete the final teaching certificate. In Western Australia, I have taught all levels of class from beginners to advanced technique as well as coaching the branch demonstration team from 1995 to 1999.  In 2000 I was involved with training the preliminary certificate candidates for that year’s examination tour.

I enjoy teaching at weekend and schools and have been lucky enough to be invited to teach at a NZ summer school and at winter schools in Western Australia and Victoria as well as weekends in Cairns and Melbourne. When not dancing and teaching, I also enjoy trying to make up dances for friends and fellow dancers to commemorate special occasions and have been lucky enough to have several accepted for publication by the RSCDS.

I look forward to meeting you all in Muresk and hope we can have a great friendly and social week of dancing and music together.

Angela Young
We regret that Angela Young is no longer able to attend the WA Winter School.

Header photo credit: WA Tourism