Classes will be held from Monday to Saturday, 9.00am to 12.00 midday with a break for morning tea. All halls used for classes have good floors for dancing.

If you are not sure about your level, please check with your regular class teacher.

Class descriptions

Rest and be Thankful

For those who are no longer able to sustain the challenge of compulsory morning classes but wish to participate in afternoon and evening activities.

Low Impact

For dancers with a good knowledge of steps and formations who would like a relaxed class with interesting dances.


For those early in their dancing journey who would like to improve all aspects of technique. The class will focus on foot work, use of hands, phrasing and knowledge of formations.


For experienced dancers who are proficient in all areas of technique, with a very good knowledge of steps and formations. This class is for dancers who wish to improve all aspects of their performance. A good level of energy is required for the duration of the class.

Very Advanced

For dancers who can perform at a very high level and who wish to be challenged further. This is a high impact, physically demanding class and a very good level of physical fitness will be required.

The organisers of the School will endeavour to place you in the class of your preference but reserve the right to change classes based on numbers.